FAQ 2017-05-02T21:28:45+00:00
Is attorney time spent on Foundation work considered pro bono? 2017-05-02T21:35:17+00:00

Attorney participation in the Holland & Hart Foundation is considered civic pro bono work.

Does Holland & Hart give time off for participation in the projects? 2017-05-02T21:34:54+00:00

Typically Foundation efforts are made in “spare” time and on lunch hours, evenings or weekends.

Do volunteers get credit for the time they spend doing Foundation projects? 2017-08-11T16:55:40+00:00

Ultimately, “credit” comes from the satisfaction of helping others. However, the Holland & Hart Foundation places a high priority on recognizing the impact of each volunteer. The Holland & Hart Foundation Annual Reports often mention individuals for efforts above and beyond their peers. We also encourage staff to note their volunteer hours on their self-evaluation form so they can be recognized by their managers.

Who administers the Foundation? 2017-05-02T21:33:24+00:00

The Holland & Hart Foundation Board and officers administer the Foundation.

How many lawyers are actually involved in the Holland & Hart Foundation? 2017-05-02T21:33:05+00:00

Participation varies in each office, but we have 100% participation from a number of locations.

How do I get involved in Foundation projects? 2017-08-11T16:56:22+00:00

Raise your hand! Holland & Hart welcomes the support of current and former employees, clients, family, friends and community members. Reach out to your local Foundation committee for more information about the upcoming activities in your area and how you can help.

How do the offices get the money for their projects? 2017-05-02T21:31:19+00:00

The offices raise money through voluntary contributions and by holding bake sales, book sales, fundraisers, etc.  Additional requests from the general fund can be made upon Board approval.

Who decides on the recipients of the volunteer projects? 2017-05-02T21:30:50+00:00

The Holland & Hart Foundation committee in each office decides on the volunteer projects in individual communities, with multi-office and firm-wide projects decided by the Foundation Board.

Is this a money granting foundation? 2017-05-02T21:29:40+00:00

The Holland & Hart Foundation is a volunteer-based organization with a primary focus on putting hands to work locally and across the country to serve those in need. The Foundation makes a very limited number of small grants that are matched or exceeded with volunteer efforts on a case by case basis.